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Eye Care Lawn Services offers design services for clients who feel that their landscapes are undefined, unorganized, or just need personal touches to make their home unique. One of the most common mistakes of residential landscaping is that little planning is put into the initial phases of a landscape installation. This oversight nearly always results in extra costs for maintenance, dead plant material , and/or a landscape that does not function well for its intended use. All this could be prevented with a little forethought and a detailed digital or master plan. Whether installed in phases or all at once, a digital or master plan saves time and helps avoids costly mistakes.

Our Landscaping division has developed over the years out of necessity and the realization of building an additional environment outdoors for the home. Over the last 25 years, the owner has learned to appeal to variety and balance. In dealing directly with the client, he looks at the potential and practical aspects of each property and amazes many with his ability to envision ways of being cost-effective and still achieve your goals.

Communication between the two divisions and the client, guarantees an efficient and quality job from inception to finish. The pride that we take in our work is self-evident. Our Design/Build departments work closely together to develop and bring your choices to fruition so you can enjoy the landscape that you have always dreamed about.


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